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99 Ranch Market in Houston

I was curious about the store that replaced the big Fiesta off of I-10. No one could mistake that Fiesta. It had a sign that looked like it used a billion gigawatts of electricity. It could have belonged on the Vegas strip. Now that it’s gone I almost wish I took a video or at least a picture of it at night.

We went to visit 99 Ranch Market on a Sunday afternoon. It’s an Asian food market chain that started on the west coast. The lot was almost full and the placed was PACKED.

99 Ranch Market replaces the former Fiesta (Blalock and Katy Freeway)

There are aisles upon aisles of produce, but there’s also a jewelry store, a liquor store, an optometrist, and the beginnings of a food court. Notably, there is a bakery called Desir. Scrumptious pastries. Trays of freshly baked goods were eagerly welcomed by shoppers. Trays were emptied as fast as they came out. You basically pile on your choice of pastries on a cafeteria tray and wait in line to check out. The line was long, but it moved fast.

Cakes served by the slice are among the items found in the bakery Desir at 99 Ranch Market

Scanning the line, almost everyone had at least one “cup cake” on their tray. They were $1 a piece. I asked the lady behind me in line who had three “cup cakes” on her tray. The “cup cake” was not what you would traditionally think of: a muffin-size cake with frosting. No, instead, it looked like angel food. Butter-colored, light and fluffy. She told me it was a sponge cake and very delicious. She only took home one the last time she was there and this time around she was taking three. She assured me that the cake was not sugary at all. I was going to buy a coffee cake, but instead, I decided on her recommendation. I was very surprised. This “cup cake” was delicious. Lightly sweet and very airy. Jon said it would have been perfect with a fruit compote. The fresh pastries are definitely worth the trip.

I have yet to try out the food at the food court, but there looks to be some potential.


The parking situation can be a deterrent, especially during peak times on a weekend; however, if you’re looking for some variety and foods not limited to one aisle such as at a Krogers or Randalls, then 99 Ranch Market is the place to go.

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