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Forbidden Gardens

I filled an 8 gig sd card taking pictures at Forbidden Gardens…well, added more pictures that filled a card that probably was 1/3 full.  Luckily I had another card on hand after the camera indicated the card was full.  I hate having to scroll through photos on a full card, then hastily delete images to clear up memory space.  This time I was prepared.

Although I did not prepare myself as well as I could have.  I got the basics down.  Batteries charged.  Check.  Camera cleaning tools.  Check.    Tripod.  Check.  Lenses.  Check…however, it could of been a rainy day and I did not bring plastic bags (these were among the recommended items for Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photowalk) nor anything that would have helped to keep my camera dry.  Secondly, I did not bring bug spray.  Needless to say, I suffered a lot of mosquito bites.

Yet, I did enjoy myself on this shoot.  At least 11 other photographers came to shoot at that location.  Nothing like camaraderie with fellow shutterbugs.

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