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May Photoshoot Teasers

Worked with Creative Images By Eric this weekend.  He got in touch with an up-and-coming Houston designer Sophia Clark and invited me and Jon to the shoot.  Although we started shooting around 9am, you could feel the temperature climbing.  By 2pm, it was around 100 degrees — at least that’s what the thermometer read.  Factoring in humidity, we were baking.  Fortunately there was lots of water and ice and we all made sure everyone took breaks to cool down. 

Sophia Clark is amazingly talented.  I really loved her choice of colors and fabrics.  During the shoot she really made sure the models were comfortable and well-hydrated.  Despite the heat the models were troopers.   Here’s are a few teasers from the shoot:

Fashion Designer:  Sophia Clark

Model: Anna

Make-up Artist:  Danielle Tiara



Fashion Designer:  Sophia Clark

Model:  Sara

Make-up Artist:  Danielle Tiara




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